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Bruce V. Bloom, CFE
Bloom & Associates, LLC
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Experienced, Practical Franchise and Business Advisory and Consulting

For a company or individual contemplating franchising for your business model;

Franchising can be a very attractive method to establish and create distribution of a product or service. An existing product or service, adequately systematized, utilizes the capital and operating resources of its franchisees to create that distribution. However, not every product or service may be conducive to the franchise business model, the concept itself is not ready to franchise, the perspective franchisor is not adequately capitalized, nor does franchising always offer the most effective means of distribution.

Are you aware of the capital, resources and time that may be required to successfully establish a franchised business model and system? Do you understand the disciplines associated with a franchised system that are required to successfully franchise, grow and enhance a franchise system and brand? Are you prepared to address the “nuances” of a franchise system that are so critical to its long term success?

Bloom and Associates, LLC utilizes a systematic approach to assisting you in:

  • Determining if your concept has the fundamentals essential to be franchised
  • Thoroughly assessing the risks and opportunities of a franchised business model and system
  • Assessing if you and your organization are ready to implement a franchised concept and system
  • The development of a strategic approach and plan to implementing a franchise program including but not limited to, organizational structure, franchise sales, brand management, budget analysis, training and development
  • Direction in the design and development of the necessary systems required to implement your program
  • Directly and through its strategic partners, providing support in the development of the legal, systems standards and operating guidelines, etc. required for the implementation of your system
  • The implementation of that franchised strategy and program

As A New or Existing Franchisor Looking to Enhance Your Franchise Sales and Development Efforts

Establishing and executing the appropriate franchise sales process is always a challenge. Your focus must be on identifying and recruiting qualified franchisees, in a cost effective manner, in a very competitive marketplace.

Having access to experienced, professional franchise development support in the earlier stages of implementing your program, having limited internal resources or determining when to commit to additional franchise sales resources is a critical decision in insuring the growth of your franchise system.

Bloom & Associates, LLC has the experience in providing franchise sales and development support. We have the ability to work with you in evaluating your current program, not only the marketing effort, but the sales and consent process that you may be utilizing. We have the experience in working with broker systems, internet lead generation, trade show and traditional media.

We also recognize the significance of the ancillary issues such as funding, site selection and acquisition, etc. that impact the ability to successfully execute a franchise development program.

Bloom & Associates, LLC offers an "out sourced" franchise sales and development program that can provide cost effective support and be specifically designed for your franchise program. We would appreciate the opportunity to explore with you how we can structure our program to meet your franchise sales and development needs!

As an existing franchisor in transition, dealing with challenging system situations or looking for advice and consulting support in enhancing its existing systems, operations, etc.

Franchise organizations and systems frequently must deal with challenges to the operation and growth of their systems and brand.  These issues can occur in the course of normal operations as well as transitional periods resulting from a change in ownership, the loss of key personnel, etc. Additionally, systems need to evolve and improve if they are to effectively grow and maximize their potential. Not only do franchisors need to anticipate and plan for these changes, but they must also deal with an ever competitive marketplace.

Are you currently dealing with a transitional period? Are you correctly organized to achieve the growth and potential of your systems? Are your systems and support evolving to create more value for your franchisees? Are the individual disciplines adequately and effectively supporting each other?

Bloom and Associates, LLC can assist you in:

  • Addressing interim management challenges
  • Assessing if your current organizational structure is maximizing your ability to effectively grow both systemically and through new growth
  • Determining if the organization and systems are adding value to its franchisees
  • Providing support and direction in enhancing and improving the organization and systems
  • Assessing and enhancing the effectiveness of your franchise sales and development efforts
  • Evaluating additional distribution systems including international development, co-branding, etc.
  • Assessing and enhancing your franchisee relations
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